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Muse Inspiration card

Hello All,

I had come across this lovely background created my Marcie Sharp for Muse Challenge this week and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

July 24 Muse challenge- Marcie Sharp

My paints had all been dried out for long but there were hints of it in some of the colours which I have used in my card. Instead of black as the base colour or the major background, I have chosen white. I initially used a wide brush to spread the colors around but then preferred my fingers to it as it gave a much more satisfying look.

The die I have used is “My best friend” from Sizzix.

  1. I sprayed some water on my watercolor sheet.
  2. I bushed some poster colour on it and filled the paper with other colours that weren’t dry.
  3. I added white colour with my finger.
  4. I cut out the excess sheet and added the die cut to it (I had some shimmery sheets left from my previous project)
  5. I did not have a black card stock at the moment so I painted the border black to stick my card on it.

Here is what it looks like:

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Broken Eggshell box

There is never a scarcity for egg shells at my home..
I have seen a lot of people working on them to give the mosaic look. At present, I am too addicted to it, that I tried making my first craft with a box. Next would probably be a vase.
Nothing much is needed. Few egg shells, a box (thick cardboard or wooden) and an adhesive. I have used Fevicol which initially is white in color but on drying, turns transparent.
Here is what it looks like:
Things needed…
Things needed..
Apply glue, break the shells and place on it.
Let it dry..
And its ready!!

Flapper Girl

One sweet day – Power down! and it resulted in this. 
BGC 39 gave the main idea (thanks a bunch! :-)) I made it with colour papers and simple materials found around the house.. 
Brown and Yellow base papers, Old newspaper, Orange cotton cloth, Glue, Scissor, Netted cloth, Digi stamps of flapper girl and butterflies (found them free online!) and Candle- for special usage
and this is what it ended up in
Something totally random and crazy!
 So here is what I did with the old newspaper…. (Some tit-bits in detail)
I first did this to get the desired pattern.. *The picture will give an easy way to follow* – I hope
I don’t have distress inks, so this seemed to be the right way to get the edge effect
 I did the same with the news paper (it burns a little faster)
I loved the outcome!! – Years ago, I tried this for the first time in my chemistry lab 😉
Then I made the base layout 
Coloured the Flapper and butterflies..
I should try and improve at this!… (my first ever Digi stamp)
And then I made the flowers which I saw on Youtube few weeks ago and unfortunately lost the link- Tutorial
Finally I did my crazy work!
The outcome.. Tadaaaa…
 I am linking this to..
BGC 39– Fall colours (Pumpkin, Yellow and Kraft -Inspired by the Vintage look) 
Lulupu– Fancy Me (Vintage) 
Make My Monday– Flower or tree 
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Boxed Photo Album

Paper, Bottles, Cans, Plastic…recycle them all, it’s Fantastic!
Sometimes I think it is not a very good idea to trash some “trash”..I know it sounds crazy!! but what I can instead do is use it in the right way and make someones day!
A good friend wanted a fancy photo album with some love notes and letters to be gifted to her fiance. She also wanted to make sure she expressed her love for the new family she will soon be in to…
The whole idea came up when she said, she had to send it by post! Now, we all know how the courier system works here.. There is every possibility that the album gets all torn and ripped off… So a box to protect it would be just great!
Where do I go for a solid box?? ….. Looking around the entire house
 I laid my eyes on this ROYAL DANSK- Danish butter cookie box! Something solid with an appealing shape.. Something which can be used for the good.. I  took all the junk out of it (which had been stored for years), dusted it … and made this..
  This is how I started to work on it..
I covered the box with some color papers and chart papers that I got from somewhere close to Pudhu Mandabam.. then made a heart shape with red and white buttons on the lid.
I covered the outer portion of the box with a black tape and stuck black and white pictures of the couple and then I made 7 flips of contrasting colors for the photo album..
Flip- 2
Flip- 3
Flip- 4
Flip- 4
Flip- 5
Flip- 6
Flip- 7
I tied it all up with a ribbon to make a train..
Finally, I placed it inside the box and completed the photo album!! 🙂