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Muse Inspiration card

Hello All,

I had come across this lovely background created my Marcie Sharp for Muse Challenge this week and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

July 24 Muse challenge- Marcie Sharp

My paints had all been dried out for long but there were hints of it in some of the colours which I have used in my card. Instead of black as the base colour or the major background, I have chosen white. I initially used a wide brush to spread the colors around but then preferred my fingers to it as it gave a much more satisfying look.

The die I have used is “My best friend” from Sizzix.

  1. I sprayed some water on my watercolor sheet.
  2. I bushed some poster colour on it and filled the paper with other colours that weren’t dry.
  3. I added white colour with my finger.
  4. I cut out the excess sheet and added the die cut to it (I had some shimmery sheets left from my previous project)
  5. I did not have a black card stock at the moment so I painted the border black to stick my card on it.

Here is what it looks like:

to post


to post1

Thanks a lot for stopping by!!!

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10 thoughts on “Muse Inspiration card

  1. This is fantastic – I love your little photo tutorial showing how you got such great results! Thanks so much for joining us at Muse, Nabeela – I look forward to seeing more of your work!


  2. Nabeela, love the colors of your abstract background and the style of your sentiment. Thank you for showing your process.


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