Baby Scrapbook (Its a Girl)


I made this baby scrapbook a while ago with Papericious “Its a Girl” Paper back, 12 by 12 sheets.

papericious-edition-paper-pack-12x12-its-a-girl (1)

This is my first hinge album. I had taken an online tutorial course to learn how to make the base and I totally loved it!!!

So sit back and go through……….. 🙂

The Inside records all of the baby’s firsts.

Page 1- The right side has a lot of space to stick the new born’s pictures. It also has a pocket for mommy to keep in a sweet little letter for her. 
Page 2- More pics of the baby, The left side records the pictures of parents with the new born. Both the pages flip open for more space to journal and stick pics. 
It opens up to look like this.. 
Page 3- Baby’s first haircut pictures and a little notebook to record all of her beautiful smiles. 
Page 4- On the left side are two tags to get the impressions of baby’s feet and hands. 
Page 5- The left side has a notebook that I made to record her first and favorite food recipes. Right- Pictures of her favorite toys. 
Page 6- I have just given more space for random pictures- Waterfall.. 
Page 7- All of this pulls out and flips open as little notebooks to record pictures and journal.. 
Page 8- Baby’s first vacation.. 
Page 9- The left side is to note down her first festivals! 🙂 And the right has all of her pictures of 1st Birthday..
Page 9- It opens up like this. 

I have skipped posting a couple of pictures that record more of photos as it would turn too picture heavy.

I totally enjoyed making this album and I am really looking forward to making more of this (Still in the learning process)..


I have majorly used Spellbinders Radiant Rectangles- Majestic Elements in this project.


Most of the embellishments I have used here are Ribbons and Laces (Not of any particular brand), I just got them at local fancy stores here in Chennai and through an online vendor- Connect4sale.

Thank you so much for stopping by!!




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