Pregnancy Mini Journal

Hello There!!!

Here I am, back with another project that I recently made- My first pregnancy journal “Out of scratch“..

I had too many color and patterned card stock left over from previous projects. I had been stacking them up for long and wanted to put them to good use.

This journal entirely is made of scratch (I kind of wanted to make it look like a junk journal but nope, it didn’t turn out that way)

This is the cover. I have used shaker elements and Hand written tags to make it look more like a journal.

Here are some of the page (I decided not to post all the pics of each page- that would be too much! :-))

Each month has a page like this to record the details.


Hospital list for mum and baby so the mother could check the list when leaving for her big day.


I have attached envelops in random pages so the Mother could write letter and notes for the baby 🙂

Thanks a lot for stopping by!!!!




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