Flapper Girl

One sweet day – Power down! and it resulted in this. 
BGC 39 gave the main idea (thanks a bunch! :-)) I made it with colour papers and simple materials found around the house.. 
Brown and Yellow base papers, Old newspaper, Orange cotton cloth, Glue, Scissor, Netted cloth, Digi stamps of flapper girl and butterflies (found them free online!) and Candle- for special usage
and this is what it ended up in
Something totally random and crazy!
 So here is what I did with the old newspaper…. (Some tit-bits in detail)
I first did this to get the desired pattern.. *The picture will give an easy way to follow* – I hope
I don’t have distress inks, so this seemed to be the right way to get the edge effect
 I did the same with the news paper (it burns a little faster)
I loved the outcome!! – Years ago, I tried this for the first time in my chemistry lab 😉
Then I made the base layout 
Coloured the Flapper and butterflies..
I should try and improve at this!… (my first ever Digi stamp)
And then I made the flowers which I saw on Youtube few weeks ago and unfortunately lost the link- Tutorial
Finally I did my crazy work!
The outcome.. Tadaaaa…
 I am linking this to..
BGC 39– Fall colours (Pumpkin, Yellow and Kraft -Inspired by the Vintage look) 
Lulupu– Fancy Me (Vintage) 
Make My Monday– Flower or tree 
Thanks for stopping by! 🙂



22 thoughts on “Flapper Girl

  1. Such a great project from the simplest of items!! Loved the flowers that you have made.. 🙂

    Thanks for joining us at Lulupu's Challenge #17 – Fancy Me & BGC #39!~:)
    Nikita 🙂


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