All for the super Bro!! *Scrap for brother on his wedding*

Brothers are trouble makers and trouble shooters!
I have not had one but I so wish I did.. I made this for a friend who wanted to gift something special to her Brother on his wedding and also show his wife that she is loved by the family already!
is all that she wanted to say…
With limited time, I had to think of something that bring back memories and also project his new family life..
Here is what I made..
Front Page
 This is the front page wishing him the best for his new life ahead..
I tied all the other pages with purple ribbons.
I made a clock shaped page to show the timeless journey they have had as children growing up. I stuck all their childhood pics…
Another leaf for the fantastic and the most cherished Childhood
 Bringing the new girl in to picture.. The beautiful bride! with a note on welcoming her in to the family..
And then the Bro! I drew and colored the “BRO” part with oil pastels
With some classic pictures of this wonderful lady, letting her know that she fits well in to the new family..
On wonderful moments falling head over heals in love with each other and making it successfully to the present day
All for the bro! A flip open page…
Flip-7 opened
Something very true when it comes to siblings..
With few engagement pictures, welcoming the bride in to the family..
Last Page
Finally bringing out the message *phew* “Happy Married Life”!!
At the end, I made a cover to put the booklet in..
One side of the cover
The other side
The success story was that, the brother hugged her and shed a few drops of tears when she gave this! Awwww… what a sight and what a feeling of fulfillment..

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