21st Birthday Card

Birthdays are always fun!!.. the only day we celebrate every year right from our birth.. So it is special and important to us and many around us. Each passing year sure has something to bring us closer to… and each year, on this day, we expect something nice to happen.. Even a simple birthday card could make someone’s day!
I made this for her friend who wanted to wish her friend on her 21st Birthday..
This is the front part of the card with the Age, Nick name and a girl holding a gift!
I folded a rectangle dark shade purple chart to make the base.
Made rough cloud like design with a light coloured purple paper to make the base stronger and also give a different look..
 I used my bangle to cut out a red paper and on top of that, stuck a white one … for the age. I used punched flowers to make it look better..
The best I like is the ribbon flower on the top. I had to staple it to make it stay in place.. Then I used buttons to hide the pins.
I drew and coloured the girl’s head, hands and legs, cut it out and pasted it on the white base. I used different sheets for the dress and stuck them up with a double- side tape to give the embossed look.
Inside- Left side of the card
This is the inner part. On the left, I wrote the message.. “Happy Birthday” and stuck a cut of a gown I made ( probably the birthday dress!! )
I made the frame (outer part in light coloured purple)  with the left out of what I had done earlier in the front page.
I cut out tiny round shaped white sheets and stuck punched flowers on them… and then, placed it all around the card.
Inside- Right side of the card
With the base in silver, I made a door like cut out with bringht red. Inside, I pasted the picture of the two besties..
Somehow, I am crazy about ribbons and buttons….
The Inside part… Both the sides


Finally… No matter what I make or do, I start and end with a super messy room!



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