Explosion Box

This can be a little weird and fun to make but it deffo took a loooooong time (4 solid days in a messy room!)

I am not really good at math and not at all good at measurements, so it was kinda time consuming.. but I thought it is worth the try.

From one bestie to another — It was fun sticking those girly pics and and working on funky colours.

I made three layers using different coloured sheets and stuck them together in the middle..

Few close up shots of some of them..

I totally love making those wings with cotton.. and of course bumble bee tooΒ  πŸ™‚

Not a very clear pic…


A tiny envelop for a lovely letter on days spent together…

High importance to those wonderful and colourful clothes

My fav again… Cotton wings with a lil angel holding a heart!

Girls piled up! πŸ˜‰

Drawing and colouring with oil pastels and crayons give wonderful outputs

Pull it up..

Girls can be totally crazy…. not a soul who doesn’t love the camera!

Who is in??
Its us!!! πŸ™‚

This is how it looks when opened…

I brought it all together to make it in to a box!

bringing it all together…

I made the outer cover of the box with used and old news papers and books which were disposed from a library. I tore them in to strips to make the pattern.Β 

I finally made the lid for the box (without which the box would not stay in place).. I used the same coloured sheets but to make it more harder and long lasting, I had to use multiple layers.Then covered it up with a floral gift wrapperΒ  to give the girly and classy look…

The explosion box is ready to make someone’s day!



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