Boxed Photo Album

Paper, Bottles, Cans, Plastic…recycle them all, it’s Fantastic!
Sometimes I think it is not a very good idea to trash some “trash”..I know it sounds crazy!! but what I can instead do is use it in the right way and make someones day!
A good friend wanted a fancy photo album with some love notes and letters to be gifted to her fiance. She also wanted to make sure she expressed her love for the new family she will soon be in to…
The whole idea came up when she said, she had to send it by post! Now, we all know how the courier system works here.. There is every possibility that the album gets all torn and ripped off… So a box to protect it would be just great!
Where do I go for a solid box?? ….. Looking around the entire house
 I laid my eyes on this ROYAL DANSK- Danish butter cookie box! Something solid with an appealing shape.. Something which can be used for the good.. I  took all the junk out of it (which had been stored for years), dusted it … and made this..
  This is how I started to work on it..
I covered the box with some color papers and chart papers that I got from somewhere close to Pudhu Mandabam.. then made a heart shape with red and white buttons on the lid.
I covered the outer portion of the box with a black tape and stuck black and white pictures of the couple and then I made 7 flips of contrasting colors for the photo album..
Flip- 2
Flip- 3
Flip- 4
Flip- 4
Flip- 5
Flip- 6
Flip- 7
I tied it all up with a ribbon to make a train..
Finally, I placed it inside the box and completed the photo album!! 🙂

33 thoughts on “Boxed Photo Album

  1. Hey there. . That's simply awesome. . Such a creative idea. . You know now that I have seen this. . I also want to make a similar gift for a most beautiful angel. . Can you do it and gift it to her??
    the girl is the most beautiful person, an angel who just by touching trash can turn it into something really beautiful like the above gift 😉😍


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